** Towing from $99.00 **

Broken-down, flat battery, needing fuel, bogged, stuck, needing to relocate? crashed we can be there!!

Broken-downneed fuel, flat battery! Call we will be there soon. 52216366
Bogged, stuck! Our staffs are trained to operate our modified 4WD recovery vehicle for the salvage of vehicles that are in bush, on the beach, down cliffs, in rivers and creeks.
Relocate! We can carry caravans, boats, and mobile offices with skids, commuter buses, 4wds  and cars.
Crashed! Our trucks and drivers are accredited and are licensed to attend accidents.

We do everything we can to make the towing process as quick and easy as possible.


Specialised motorbike trailer

We can unlock your vehicle to retrieve car keys

We can perform tyre changes

We can jump-start your vehicle

We can supply fuel

Our tow trucks can carry a range of vehicles and items including caravans, boats, mobile offices with skids, commuter buses, and cars. We can even do this without needing to enter the vehicle and without any damage. We always take photos of the vehicles prior to towing and again when at the yard. All of our trucks and drivers are fully accredited and are licensed to attend accidents.

Stolen and Recovered vehicles potentially contain Hazards, Needles or Sharp objects.

🛡️Those we protect:

  • Vehicle owners
  • Assessors/ Loss adjusters
  • Vehicle repairers
  • Towing Providers 

We have been a trusted Hazard, Needle and Sharps search company for major insurance providers for over 20 years. Fyans Street Panels Pty Ltd has been established for over 50 Years. Our dedicated staff are trained to test and detect several illegal drugs including crystal methamphetamine.

We have the appropriate risk assessment and control procedures in place. Our dedicated staff are fully trained in:

  • Bio- Hazard handling and disposal. 
  • Sharps handling and disposal
  • First- Aid with current up to date certificates

Follow a detailed comprehensive check list and trained in search procedures to:

  • Detect
  • Isolate
  • Remove any Hazard including drugs that may be hidden or left in vehicles 
  • The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE, updated annually).
  • Accurately recorded for each individual vehicle. Photos supplied on request

Conducting Hazard, Needle and Sharps searches on vehicles is an extension of the services we offer to accident and theft victims to stream-line their Motor Vehicle Claims. And is a reassurance that the vehicle will be safe to enter.

Insurance Companies support our initiative. Compiles with OH&S.

If you need a tow, give Fyans St Panels a call for speedy service! 03 5221 6366